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02 Feb 2016 6:05 PM | Anonymous

Dear MCSS members,

    We are seeking candidates for the position of President-Elect. The person holding this position will assume the presidency of MCSS in June of this year.If you are interested in running for this position please send an email to Carol Egbo, current MCSS President at Please respond by 3/3/16.

    The email should include a short bio and the reasons you would like to be President of MCSS. Note that responsibilities of the President include the following:

a.     Call all meetings of the council, Executive Board and Executive Team and preside over the same;

b.     Exercise general executive responsibilities relative to carrying out the stated mission and objectives of MCSS;

c.     Appoint the Treasurer, Secretary, Team Leaders, Publications Editors and Committee Chairs with the approval of the Executive Board;

d.     Submit a nomination for appointments to fill the term of any officer vacancy, except that of President or President-Elect with the approval of the Executive Board;

e.     Act as the official representative of the Council at all Council organization functions, or designate a member to represent the Council in his/her stead;

f.      Insure that the Bylaws of the Council and such rules and regulations that the Executive Board may adopt are enforced;

g.     Perform such duties and have such powers as are provided in the By-Laws or as directed by the Executive Board.

h.     Act as the contact between the Council and other organizations for the purpose of advancing the interests of the Council

i.      Facilitate and work as a liaison with the National Council for the Social Studies;

j.       Conduct official correspondence

k.     Contribute to the publications of MCSS;

l.      Facilitate consensus building and conflict resolution skills when appropriate;

m.   Assist appropriate board members in the development of and on-going coordination of specific projects, Team and committee work;

n.     Review and be the signer of all contracts concerning the business of MCSS;

o.     In conjunction with the Treasurer and the Business Manager, advise on budgetary matters;

I look forward to hearing from you!


Carol Egbo

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